Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 6

We woke up in sunny Nazare and enjoyed the sea view through our hotel window. We had some breakfast and went for a walk. Sadly, the water was o painfully cold I did not have the guts to go for a swim…

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Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 5

Monsanto woke us up and we set off to look for some picturesque points in the town. We struggled to find points that were not picturesque! Although it was so sunny that, the shadows were really strong which made it difficult to take photos. It was really quiet and empty, but a truly gorgeous place. Personally, this was one of my favourite towns during the whole trip!

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Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 4

We made our way to the main palace in the morning. Art was really looking forward to it, we read up a little on the history of the palace and made our way to the top. It was a beautiful drive as it’s a mountain in the middle of the city and when you get to the top you get to enjoy the gardens, the palace and the views of the city and other mountains beyond.

First, we stood in the queue and bought some tickets. Then, we stood in another queue to get in. And as our turn came, the lady told us that the time for our entry is not until late afternoon so we have to wait. Tip for the palace and many other places like this: please check before getting there how do the tickets work: we had to sell our tickets, as we were unable to wait because of where we wanted to get to on that day. We were still lucky – many people had to buy them for another day as in about 10 minutes after we bought ours, all the tickets were sold out.

The next stop was Seville, where Art was sceptical as it took us a while to drive through the boring part of the city – he was under the impression that this will just be another bit city with nothing too interesting… Oh was he proven wrong!


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Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 3

We took our time in the morning, enjoying the hotel and the surroundings as it was so tranquil. There was also the tiniest, friendliest pony who really wanted cuddles… I still think about him every day and miss him immensely!!


After a glorious breakfast we drove to Ronda which is genuinely one of the most beautiful towns in the world. The weather was beautiful and my favourite part was when we stumbled upon this little square, where this old man was playing the guitar in a classic Spanish way (you know what I mean!), and it was complemented by birds and the wind in the trees and the view… These are the moments we live for! Continue reading “Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 3”

Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 2

Breakfast in the beautiful boutique hotel was just magical. The garden was filled with flowers and palm trees and ginormous cacti, and as a cherry on top there was also a dog. He was very excited about our little feather-decorated ball that we played, so excited he broke the fence that was meant to keep him away… Three times.


We had breakfast, played with the dog, Art explained how different types of engines work, we stretched on the grass and eventually made our way towards the kitesurfing school. Just like the day before, the lovely GPS took us off-roading, going round and round on dusty tracks on sharp rocks. We got to the school in the end where we had a kitesurfing lesson. Continue reading “Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 2”

Portugal-Spain Roadtrip: Day 1

We started off super early in London, surprised by a glamorous failure of both of our Uber apps. What followed was a lot of jumpy frustrated waiting for a taxi and persuasive comments to go faster once it took us. We got to the bus on the very last minute, we did het there nonetheless. And we had the whole bus to ourselves.

Has anyone ever been to Southend airport? It’s tiny! Quite cute, actually. What wasn’t that cute was the group of men enjoying their pints of beer at 5 am, but hey – each to their own. I was rather sleepy and tired after stressing in the taxi, while Art was super excited. Let me tell you, not a great match this early in the morning. I’m not sure he found my death stares over being excited about instant porridge too entertaining… Sorry not sorry.

After a very sleepy flight we landed in Faro, where Art’s dream car was waiting for him. The roadtrip of bringing his car back while enjoying a few sights and adventures on the way about to begin.


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